HOW MUCH: HK$966,720

WHY: For true music enthusiasts, the most enjoyable moment is to experience the sound of a live concert. The Kronos Dipole Loudspeaker System can transform your room into a concert theatre that brings you a mind-blowing experience.

Designed by a team of professional musicians at Kyron Audio, the new luxury loudspeaker system is a direct descendant of the brand's flagship Gaia system and is equipped with the same sound quality for an ultimate audio experience.

The customised and hand- assembled woofer drivers, high excursion midrange driver, and the state-of-the-art ring radiator tweeters are equipped to reduce vibration and distortion of sound.

To improve precision, the room correction system allows a professional installer to tune the loudspeaker to adapt to your room setting for optimal performance, which can also be checked and adjusted remotely by Kyron Audio's designers from its Australia headquarters through the internet.

On the outside, a transparent remote control preamplifier with various inputs helps with connection from different sources to the loudspeaker. Together with the multi-layered structure that provides a stable platform for the drivers, the system produces flawless audio for every track.

Apart from being a loudspeaker system, the Kronos also serves as a work of art with its industrial yet modern design for your living space.