Ever wondered what it’s like to “walk” in the ocean? Now you can explore what’s under the sea to a depth of 305 metres thanks to this impressive diving suit. New undersea technology ensures dexterity and flexibility, allowing the diver to perform delicate work while wearing the Exosuit.

Developed and built in Vancouver by Nuytco Research, this hard metal diving suit looks more like a space suit. It is a fully certified submarine.

Dr Phil Nuytten, designer and manufacturer of the revolutionary submersible, has incorporated new technology such as the atmospheric diving system (ADS) into the suit to improve its performance. The ADS maintains the right pressure, while unique rotary joints allow the suit to bend.

The diver in the Exosuit is connected to the surface via a fibre-optic tether which supplies full network capability . The suit has a high-definition camera. Telemetry and high-definition videos can be sent from the suit to the surface console for monitoring purposes. The suit’s movement can even be controlled from the surface, guided by the high-definition camera.

If the network fails, it’s not the end of the world.

The suit has its own life-support system with two separate oxygen systems that can filter and recirculate the air throughout the dive, providing an oxygen supply of up to 50 hours.

The rounded teardrop-shaped view port allows the diver to see down to chest level and even down to the boots.

The thrust pack on the back of the suit can be controlled easily by stepping on the pressure-sensitive foot pedals.

Cost: HK$6.4 MILLION

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