The treehouse was designed by Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov, who had no immediate plans to construct it when it was first conjured up in early 2016.

Now Almassov tells Business Insider that his team will hire a construction company to start building it in June 2017. Located in a forested mountain area in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the treehouse will be open to the public on a reservation basis. It will be powered by a Tesla Powerwall, a battery that stores solar energy for off-the-grid use, he adds. 

Located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, 65-foot-tall cylindrical house will feature a mature fir tree at its centre. 

A staircase will wind up around the 4-story treehouse. It won't have a bedroom. Instead, it will be a public space for three to four people to visit at a time, Almassov tells Business Insider.

The house will offer a complete view of the forest that surrounds it. 

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It would also be friendly to the environment, Almassov says. The glass would feature transparent solar panels (something still in the research phase) that power the lights inside.

The top of the treehouse would collect and purify rainwater. Hopefully the house would sit in a secluded forest, because the glass-encased shower would also be completely transparent.

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lmassov came up with the design in 2013, but has just now found an investor. He plans to start building it in Kazakhstan in 2017.

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To build a house, you normally need to destroy the trees around it," Almassov says. "I hate that idea, so I thought about how we could build it without destroying anything."

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