Designers increasingly view a bathroom as a living space and devise solutions for even the smallest of homes. Hansgrohe Axor says the focus is no longer primarily on the product itself but, more on “generating extra scope for creative development and breaking away from established behavioural patterns.”

Multi-purpose features are making it possible to confine the basic elements of a bathroom such as a shower, with spa-like luxuries such as a steam room, into one corner and some, such as Klafs S1 Sauna, can even be installed in a room other than the bathroom, such as the living room, for example.

A growing awareness of water conservation among consumers and brands is leading to more environmentally-friendly products that save water, and tap designs are becoming more streamlined with control panels that free up space. They can often be customised to fit into a space while wall-mounted taps can free up space to allow for a narrower sink or vanity unit, for example.

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When it comes to the softer aesthetics, natural materials can bring out a sense of relaxation, says Sherman Ip at Ovo Design.

He recommends products that balance function and decorative features, such as Ovo’s Acacia wood series, where products such as a laundry basket can double as a seat.

This article was originally published in Home Essentials

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