Not everyone can be a pilot, but the easy operation of the market’s lightest and smallest two-person submarine DeepFlight Dragon makes it a private underwater jet that allows anyone to explore the vast ocean.

Weighing 1,800kg, the Dragon can operate at a depth of 120 metres. The submarine is designed specifically as a personal vehicle for amateurs to get behind the wheel – or the quad brushless DC thrusters – to cruise freely under the sea or to hover steadily with its hovering capability, the first from the house to be equipped with this function.

Fiji’s Laucala Island resort offers underwater safaris in their private submarine

Driven by an underwater lithium battery pack which can operate for up to six hours, the submersible is monitored and managed by proprietary technology called DeepFlight Dive Manager, which acts as a second brain to limit the diving depth and perform other functions. It comes with two independent oxygen systems and a buoyant mechanism that helps it to float to the surface automatically. The pilot can take control with minimal training while enjoying a quiet and safe underwater ride.

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In collaboration with Shanghai-based Rainbowfish Ocean Technology, DeepFlight excursions will start this year in Maldives. Guests at luxury resorts around the world can soon enjoy these exclusive leisure activities.

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