Check out some of our favourite home accessories that will make dinner more interesting and adventurous

Marking the second collaboration between Atelier Swarovski Home and Andre Kikoski, the crystal candleholders come in unusual shapes and colours. Price on Request

HK$950,000 rocking horse is embellished with over 82,000 Swarovski crystals

Jeff Koons

The Balloon Rabbit, in dazzling red, is an excellent choice for a house party, HK$91,800

Available at Lane Crawford


This KasKade silver-plated centrepiece with gold elements is designed by Karim Rashid. Add some fun to the dining experience with its mirror effect, HK$492,380


Zaha Hadid brought life to this vase in midnight blue crystal by adding innate and fluid lines. The vase adds colour and elegance to the dining table, HK$94,000

13 best works from Zaha Hadid, who won architecture’s biggest prize 13 years ago

Tom Dixon

The Orbit set of trays represents unity and fulfilment in Chinese culture. Each tray is made from one sheet of solid brass, pressed into a mould and then silver plated into this symbol of good fortune. Price on Request