If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you probably think the apocalypse is nigh. Well, the rest of the world may be running around stocking their underground bunkers with food, water and other silly things, but I’ll be spending my time wisely instead – by flooding my underground lair with imaginary sunlight.

The CoeLux skylight, which can be found at colourliving in Hong Kong, mimics the effect of blue skies and natural sunlight through state-of-the-art nanotechnology and LEDs. The technology is particularly innovative because it recreates Rayleigh scattering – which is science speak for separating the light particles into blue skies and a yellow sun.

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If you want to get even geekier about it, you can also alternate between different models from the CoeLux range, which offer different types of light. The CoeLux 60, for example, mimics the cooler vertical rays of sunlight from the Tropics, while the 45 skylight offers light that’s reminiscent of the Mediterranean sun.

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It’s essentially sunlight without the UV rays, which is great, because if we’re preparing for the end of the world, we have enough to worry about.