Why will you enjoy Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Horizon? Because it’s light, comfortable, smart and versatile.


- It’s versatile as you can wear a suit with it, but also look cool in jeans and a T-shirt.

- It’s light and comfortable to wear.

- It has a clear and vivid screen.

- The wristbands are easy to change.

- The smartwatch functionality works well, especially Google apps.

- It connects with iPhone.


- There are no strong fitness features, such as a built-in heart rate monitor.

- The price tag is understandably steep (HK$20,000) as it has Swiss craftsmanship, Silicon Valley Google expert development, and is a luxury brand.

I’ve grown accustomed to looking at the time, checking my calendar, weather, or messages on my smartphone, but sometimes it’s just not practical to access it when you are travelling. There haven’t been many options up till now, especially in terms of style and fashion. Louis Vuitton’s new, Tambour Horizon, is a smartwatch that looks good, and is good to look at.

Is it comfortable to wear?

At first glance, I thought it was going to be heavy, but it’s deceptively light and the band fits comfortably.

What about the screen?

Reading text was easy even with my arm fully extended. It has decent touch sensitivity similar to using a smartphone that allows me to swipe, expand and contract, and press.

How well does it work with my phone?

I used my iPhone 7s Plus to connect and it easily digested my calendar, email, messages, and other apps. I even started getting Facebook messaging without any configuring. Since LV uses an Android OS, I assume it works just as well on any Android powered phone.

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What about fitness features?

It will help you check your steps as long as you have your smartphone with you, but if you’re looking for a watch that’ll track your heart rate or other extensive fitness monitoring, this watch doesn’t do that. However, given the cost, I doubt you’ll be doing any sort of marathon or other high intensity running with it. It’s just not that type of watch.

What about panache?

It’s a very stylish watch. I can see someone wearing this to a black tie gala, but also flaunting their stealth wealth with ripped jeans, T-shirt and blazer.

Should it be on my wish list?

After playing with it for a day, I certainly want one. It’ll look great for any occasion, and I’m sure I’d use it a lot to check messages, alerts, my calendar, and the time.

Overall score: 8/10