A turtle with a singing companion? How cute does that sound? MB&F presents Kelys & Chirp, two unlikely companions living happily together. The mechanical automaton is a collaboration between MB&F, mechanical music specialists Reuge, and Nicolas Court, one of Switzerland’s most talented automaton experts.

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Press Kelys’ tail and he will start to gently walk across the table. After a few seconds, one of the scales on his back opens and his friend, Chirp, pops out, wings flapping and singing loudly. When Chirp finishes singing, she dives back into the shelter provided by Kelys’ shell and he continues his walk, unfazed. You can also enjoy a concert by Chirp without Kelys moving by pushing his tail up.

Kelys & Chirp may look relatively simple compared to a complicated watch, but its 480 components (enough for a minute repeater) are testament to the complexity within.

Turtles have long represented wisdom in many cultures because of their long life spans (up to 190 years). While Kelys is certainly wise enough (an integrated mechanical sensor makes sure that he doesn’t walk off table or desk tops), it’s his playful streak that complements Chirp’s musical talent.

Kelys & Chirp is offered in four limited editions of just 18 pieces each in blue, yellow, green and ochre. It is priced at about HK$386,500.