Style may come and go, but classic interior design will never die. A variety of fabrics, prints, colours and accessories can be used to create a stunning variety of home designs.

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Here we take a look at the hottest interior design trends from around the world will help inspire the look of your home, according to Vibrant Doors – a British supplier of timber doors.


One of the fundamental principles in Chinese interior design is simplicity, which helps to create a feeling of peace, harmony and serenity.

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With a few valuable and beautiful objects placed in a room, such as Chinese calligraphy and a landscape or cherry-blossom painting, the indoor space strikes a fine balance by integrating nature into traditional designs.


The classic Japanese design boosts the minimalist aesthetic, which is deemed to have a deep connection to the concepts of ancient Zen philosophy.

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Its interior designs, which feature the use of stylish houseplants, inspire a feeling of tranquillity. Sliding, outer and inner, white-paper-covered shoji screens are commonly used in the design of Japanese homes to provide privacy and create a flexible living space.


Together with intricate patterns, a mix of warm colours, such as deep red, bold purple and mustard yellow, is a prerequisite for Indian interior design to help inspire a welcoming feeling in the home.

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Yet the design is never complete without an incense burner and the use of a selection of religious idols, such as Buddha, and elephant statues.


When it comes to elegant interior design, the French certainly know how to add a sense of chic to their homes.

A crystal chandelier will add a touch of Parisian glamour, while a bouquet of fresh flowers fosters an enjoyable and romantic atmosphere.

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In addition to muted colour palettes, such as soft sage green, blush pinks and light blue, French interior designers never forget to include a warming touch of gold, since such glamour is the pillar of all of their elegant creations.


Dark-wood furniture and accessories and African decor, featuring animal skins and natural hues, help to take Kenyan interior design to the next level.

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Eye-catching details, such as animal-print rugs and wooden tribal masks, help to display not only the unique side of the nation’s indigenous culture, but also emphasise the rich splendour of the African continent.