Overall: 6/10

Fitbit has long battery life and a great fitness ecosystem especially the sleep tracking, but the watch under delivers in other smartwatch related features.

Turn ons

It has great battery life – I got about a week of use out of it.

It’s excellent for fitness, and the Fitbit ecosystem is very comprehensive. 

It does sleep tracking, which devices from Apple and others don’t seem to do out of the box.

It provides coach workouts. 

It’s waterproof. 

It looks futuristic.

Turn offs

The other functions such as music are clunky. 

The band is pretty standard; I wouldn’t wear this with a suit. 

The OS is very basic.

It’s pricey if you are looking for functionality other than fitness.

Is it comfortable to wear? It feels like any other watch with its rubber wristband.

What’s the screen like?It’s clear, and the text is generally displayed in a large format. The OS is extremely basic, and so it’s not as responsive as it could be.

How well does it work with my phone? It’s going to work well with the Fitbit app, but in terms of other apps, it’s not really out-of-the-box ready. You have to copy over your music and to configure things like the weather.

How about fitness features? Sometimes, it best to keep things simple. Navigating to track your workouts, steps, and heart rate is super apparent – mainly because this is what it’s meant to do, and perhaps all of the other things are add ons for your watch if you think they are necessary. Fitbit’s sleep tracking, which is a major feature, keeps Fitbit still a compelling buy.

What about Panache: You’ll have no issue wearing this to the gym or for casual walks, but for business meetings or formal gatherings, you may prefer to switch to something more traditional.

Should it be on my wish list? It’s 2018 and if your primary New Year’s resolution was to get in shape and sleep better with less fuss, then it’s a decent buy – though the price could be a little lower, as it’s not such a big leap ahead from its other slimmer models.