Love is in the air. Well, sort off. Although not new, virtual romantic games, targeting women, are evolving, and we look at four of the best games in this genre.

Animal Boyfriend

Combining virtual boyfriends and pets, this game uses animals to describe the personalities of the different characters – such as a charming cat, sweet dog, elegant fox and cute rabbit.

This game was produced in Japan. They are known as otome, or maiden, games.

Burn your fat with me

As the name suggests, this Japanese game is also a fitness application. Kay is a virtual boyfriend who motivates you to lose weight.

Kay will scold you when you succumb to indulging in sweets, but returns favours when you stick to the plan. The more training you do, the closer your relationship becomes, and the sexier and more charming Kay appears.

Nameless - The One Thing You Must Recall

The visual novel game is Korean. It is also available in English and Japanese.

Players take the role of Eri, who collects ball-jointed dolls as a hobby. After her grandfather dies, her dolls become five handsome men – players can enjoy the story with five different characters in one game.


The game is set in the Bakumatsu period between 1853 and 1867 when Japan began to emerge from isolation. A player will run into the local police on her journey to search for her father, where the love story begins.

Police, history, there are even vampires – players can experience more than romance in a game which is also available in English.