It’s almost that time of year again: new emojis are on the horizon for iPhone users.

We’ve had a general idea of what the new emojis would look like since February— that’s when Unicode, the consortium responsible for choosing the new emojis across all platforms, approved 157 new emojis.

Apple revealed what the emojis look like on iPhones in honour of “World Emoji Day” yesterday.

Apple didn’t reveal every single new character – there have to be some surprises – but it did give us a look at a few of them, including a lobster, cupcake and redheads.

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You won’t be able to get the new symbols on your iPhone yet — Apple typically releases new emojis as part of a software update in September.

But here’s an early look at some of the new emojis confirmed to be arriving this autumn.

You will have a new way to say happy birthday, or to give someone “puppy dog eyes”.

There will be a bald woman ...

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... and a bald man.

There will be an infinity symbol, male and female superheroes, and a nazar amulet, which protects against the evil eye.

We’re getting a woman with white hair ...

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... and a man with white hair.

For all the knitters out there, there’s going to be a ball of yarn emoji.

And scientists will now be able to send each other test tubes.

We’ll be getting some new animals, too – the new emojis include a lobster, peacock, kangaroo and a parrot.

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People with curls, rejoice! There will be a woman with curly hair ...

... and a curly-haired man.

There are a few new foods coming, too: a cupcake, mooncake, lettuce and a mango all made the cut.

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Softball players will now have their own emoji.

And last but not least, gingers will finally get some representation. The update will include a red-haired woman ...


... and a red-haired man.

New emojis will arrive on iPhones as part of a software update this autumn.

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This article originally appeared on Business Insider.