It’s hard to think of a more glamorous car than a Bugatti.

Limited, luxurious, and lavish, a Bugatti comes with a multimillion dollar price tag for its elite status – and the process to buy one can be just as exclusive as the car itself. Dubbed the Molsheim Experience, prequalified potential buyers are hosted at Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim, France, for the day.

After touring the grounds, they take a Bugatti out for a test spin before stepping into the brand’s customer lounge to create a custom, tailor-made vehicle that fits their specific preferences.

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Currently up for sale is Bugatti’s Chiron and Chiron Sport, which cost around US$3 million. Recently released, there are only about 200 left that can be made.

From exploring the historic grounds of Bugatti’s headquarters to hitting the roads of France, take a tour of the Molsheim Experience below.

A Bugatti is the ultimate indulgence for any car lover.

Several celebrities own the multimillion dollar car, from Cristiano Ronaldo and Ralph Lauren to Floyd Mayweather Jr and Simon Cowell.

Beyoncé also gave Jay-Z a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport for his 41st birthday.

The brand’s success dates back to 1909 when Ettore Bugatti founded it.

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Bugatti is currently selling two models – the Chiron, with a base price of US$2.9 million, and the Chiron Sport, released earlier in 2018 with a starting price of US$3.26 million.

It features one-carat diamond membranes in the speakers, the world’s longest built-in LED illumination system, and 16 leather hides.

What it doesn’t include is plastic – even the air vents are made of a titanium/magnesium alloy.

It could arguably be called a piece of “haute couture” – only 500 will ever be made, and more than 300 are spoken for already.

Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann had previously said, “We are sold out until the second half of 2021.”

A Bugatti official said the average Bugatti Chiron buyer has an expansive vehicle collection of 42 cars and two planes, among other things.

Bugatti Divo hypercar is ready to thrill

More than 50 per cent of current Chiron owners are also first-time Bugatti owners – the Chiron was designed with new buyers in mind, as some found the Bugatti Veyron, the previous model, too bulky.

Manuela Höhne, the head of communications for Bugatti, said half of the Chirons already purchased were bought sight-unseen.

But potential buyers who want to test before they buy undergo a special buying process, dubbed the Molsheim Experience.

Qualified prospects fly out to Molsheim – the birthplace and headquarters of Bugatti located in the heart of Alsace, France – for the day at their own expense.

Bugatti invites previous owners – those who purchased the Veyron – and other qualified prospects to partake in the experience, but they remained mum on the details of the full vetting process.

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The historic gates of Chateau St. Jean, the heart of the facility, open exclusively for customers, who begin the Molsheim Experience with a tour of the grounds.

At the Chateau, customers learn about Bugatti’s history and see a display of unique art pieces from members of the Bugatti family.

They also get to explore classic, vintage Bugattis.

Customers then take the 1926 Type 35 for a spin.

One of Bugatti’s most important models, it has more than 2,000 victories and podium finishes, making it one of the most successful racing cars in automobile history.

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Customers are then taken to the Atelier, the only modern building at Bugatti headquarters. It resembles the “macaron” shape of the brand’s logo.

A factory, the Atelier is where master craftsmen assemble cars by hand with precision and detail, according to each customer’s distinct specifications.

Customers then take a tea break at the historic Orangerie, the only structure added to the estate by Ettore Bugatti. It was carefully restored in 2009 as part of Bugatti’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

There’s also a team of “flying doctors” at headquarters, ready to service cars throughout the world and ensure they retain their value.

After the tour of the grounds is finished, customers take a Chiron out on the open road, alongside an experienced driver.

Upon returning to headquarters, customers configure their completely unique Chiron at the Customer Lounge.

Assisted by a car designer, customers build a vehicle tailor-made to their specific preferences.

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Customers can choose from different colour combinations and different colour layouts.

Höhne said many customers end up wanting two Chirons – one for their collection and one to drive.

As Pierre-Henri Raphanel, Bugatti S.A.S.’s official test driver, once said, “Everyone who had seriously been considering buying a Bugatti beforehand actually did so afterwards.”

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This article originally appeared on Business Insider.