WHY: Wilson Benesch is renowned for its hi-tech luxury home audio products. With proprietary materials in development for aerospace engineering beyond 2020, the British-owned brand is breaking new ground with its latest release, Eminence.

The pre-eminent loudspeaker ticks all the boxes of Wilson Benesch brilliance – cutting-edge composite materials; sophisticated cabinet architecture that stands out from the generic blur of its competitors; and a harmonious relationship between aesthetics and engineering – achieved by having the design, development and manufacturing teams all under one roof.

Would you pay US$135 million for the mansion featured in ‘The Godfather’?

At 1.74 metres, Eminence is taller than the Cardinal, upon which it builds its legacy, packing powerful audio dynamics and a superior sculptural form.

Of note is the high-gloss, carbon composite (A.C.T. 3ZERO Monocoque) enclosure – the most highly damped enclosure ever manufactured – with the lowest signal-to-noise ratio in the industry.

Wilson Benesch’s own Isobaric Drive System offers accurate bass, while the silk-carbon hybrid tweeter – boasting Fibonacci technology – guarantees high audio frequencies, and a new design where the motor is decoupled from the rest of the chassis.

Finishes for the sides include seamless black graphite or a burr walnut gloss, while the carbon-fibre faceplate comes in vivacious red Enzo, royal blue Ettore, or Silverstone. Customisation is available.

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