Is there such a thing as too much gelato? Of course not.

Grom, a newcomer to Hong Kong’s gelato scene, seeks to elevate the simple guilty pleasure into a wholesome - dare we even call it healthy? - luxurious affair.

While Grom, which hails from Turin, Italy, might be the new kid on the block in Hong Kong, it comes with a proven international track record, with branches in international locations including Osaka, New York and Paris.

The brand’s success lies in its un-mimicable taste: incredibly smooth, flavourful and unpretentiously good.

The ingredients for its gelato are either organically grown in its own farm, Mura Mura, or sourced from select producers trusted by the brand. All of its gelato is shipped directly from Italy and mixed on location to ensure everything is freshly made each day. And there are no additional colourings, preservatives or emulsifiers, which means its products tend to melt faster than the typical gelato. Made in the style of traditional gelato under strict quality guidelines, these artisanal treats are a slice of Italy that is consistent throughout all of its branches. 

The brand’s sorbet is also magical, made from fresh fruits, spring water and white cane sugar. Nothing else. Co-founder Grom believes it’s so healthy that he fed it to his son when he was just a baby.

Check out our video below to find out which flavours Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom, the co-founders of Grom, recommend.