Six restaurants have newly garnered stars for the 2018 edition of the Michelin Guide Seoul, the Michelin announced during a press conference in Seoul, Wednesday.

The new star gainers are Kojima and Jungsik with two stars; and Dosa, Excuisine, Joo Ok, and Table for Four with one star. Two-star gainers Kojima and Jungsik received one star last year and have climbed up the ladder this year.

The one-star gainers Dosa, Excuisine, Joo Ok, and Table for Four are new to the Michelin selection this year and have replaced three existing one-star restaurants on last year’s guide.

A total of 24 restaurants were selected for the new guide, the same number as last year’s edition, but with several restaurants being added and ousted. Those who were on last year’s guide but exempt from this year’s guide are Pierre Gagnaire which held two stars, as well as Bo Reum Soei, Twenty Four Seasons and Hamo which held one star. Pierre Gagnaire is temporarily closed in Seoul due to renovation and is scheduled to reopen next year.

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Excluding the six new additions to the 2018 guide, the remaining 18 restaurants have maintained their stars from last year. Three-star holders Gaon and La Yeon at The Shilla have managed to maintain their top stars this year. Last year’s two-star holders Gotgan and Kwon Sook Soo have also maintained their stars while two new entries have been added to their category.

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Dining in Space, L’Amitie, Ristorante EO, Mingles, Balwoo Gongyang, Votre Maison, Bicena, Soigne, Alla Prima, Yu Yuan, Zero Complex, Jin Jin, Keunkiwajip, and Poom have all maintained their one-star rating gained last year.

“The second Michelin Guide Seoul edition revealed just how dynamic and exciting the dining scene here has become. There’s a huge amount of culinary talent in Seoul. My travels take me around the world and the arrival of the Michelin Guide Seoul has cached a unique global spotlight on the dining scene here. Seoul is rightfully taking its place in the global dining scene,” said Michael Ellis, international director in charge of the Michelin guides.

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“Our inspectors had a very exciting time this year working on the guide. We have Korean inspectors but we also have international inspectors from several different nationalities. They were excited to find the richness and diversity of dining in Seoul. Whether it’s traditional or contemporary Korean cuisine, temple cuisine, innovative or classic European cuisine, Chinese or Japanese … or any of the other type of cuisine we find in Seoul, it really has revealed that the dining destinations of the world have welcomed Seoul as the finest new member of that community.”

Meanwhile, 48 restaurants were awarded Bib Gourmand in the new selection of the Michelin Guide Seoul 2018. Among them, 17 are newly awarded. Bib Gourmand is given to establishments offering a quality menu for a maximum of 35,000 won.

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