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New year, new travels! Questions are: where and when? has partnered with Hong Kong-based feng shui master and Chinese astrology consultant Kelvin Poon to reveal his travel predictions and recommendations according to every sign’s 2018 Chinese horoscope. Who knows – the best moment to come in 2018 may just be on your next adventure …



Busan, South Korea 


The bad news? You’ll encounter the unlucky Hui Qi star this year. The “good” news? You can avoid negative energy by booking really nice villas. 

Recommended destination: South Korea 

Recommended travel months: April, August, December 

How to improve your luck: Check into a villa or hotel that comes with a gym or pool. Check out some of our favourite #vacationgoal pools 




The Great Wall of China in Beijing 


You will have above-average luck this year – yay, Ox! Consider boosting your luck even further by heading north from June  until August to  Beijing, Harbin and  Russia to catch the World Cup. 

Recommended destinations: Beijing, Harbin, Russia 

Recommended travel month: June, July, August 

How to improve your luck: Look for stays that include personal butler services 




Da Nang, Vietnam 


Big news, Tiger – there’s a good chance of getting a promotion this year! Plan a celebration in advance by picking a resort destination. Southeast Asia is a favourable region, so consider booking a spa resort in Thailand or Da Nang. 

Recommended destination: Thailand, Da Nang (Vietnam) 

Recommended travel month: June 

How to improve your luck: Try booking a room on a higher floor, or a villa located high up, say, cliff top 






Your Zodiac is in union with Tai Sui (presiding god of the year), meaning you are likely to meet a benefactor this year who will give you a hand when you encounter a challenge. However, you will also have a minor unlucky star working against your wealth. To ensure a balance, go ahead and splurge a little more to reward yourself – ahem, luxury travel! 

Recommended travel destinations: Central Europe, Dubai 

Recommended travel months: March, October 

How to improve your luck: Stay close to Michelin-starred restaurants 




Province of Matera, southern Italy 


Your wealth will beaffected this year as your Zodiac clashes with Tai Sui (presiding god of the year). Embrace this destiny by going on a European shopping spree. After all, it’s better to spend money on something you love rather than lose money over something you don’t. Paris and Italy are good options. 


Recommended destinations: Europe (Italy, Paris, France) 

Recommended travel months: April, October 

How to improve your luck: Stay close to the city centre for plenty of shopping opportunities 






Hong Luan (Lucky Star) shines upon your Zodiac this year. Coupled snakes will have a great year together, so why not make the most of it and travel to the Maldives? It’s the most romantic place there is. 


Recommended destination: Maldives 

Recommended travel month: May 

How to improve your luck: Take part  in more water activities, or relax at a spa 




Great Barrier Reef, Australia 


Thanks to the Lucky Star, you have the best luck in wealth this year. Be sure to splurge on yourself because great opportunities await you.  


Recommended destination: Great Barrier Reef, Australia 

Recommended travel months: February, October 

How to improve your luck: Choose a villa with elegant and beautifully designed rooms 

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Morschach, Switzerland 


Good on you, Goat – you will have the protection of a lucky star to turn any calamities into blessings this year. Consider trying out extreme sports or more adventurous activities on your holidays. 

Recommended destinations: Switzerland, Canada 

Recommended travel months: November, December 

How to improve your luck: Check into a villa located near a ski area 

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Uluwatu, Bali 


Yikes, it looks like you’ll be prone to emotional fluctuations this year, so seek out crowded places to cheer yourself up. 

Recommended destinations: Phuket, Bali 

Recommended travel months: April, December 

How to improve your luck: Spend more time on beaches soaking up the sun 




Jiufen, Taiwan 


You have mediocre luck this year, but you can boost your luck by heading east to Tokyo and Taiwan. 

Recommended destinations: Tokyo, Taiwan 

Recommended travel months: February, March, April 

How to improve your luck: Consider checking into a resort hotel chain 

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Phoenix Island, Sanya, China 


As your Zodiac offends Tai Sui (presiding god of the year), it is recommended that you spend all your holidays abroad. If you haven’t got too many free days to spare, take short-haul trips to nearby destinations. 

Recommended destinations: Taiwan, Sanya, Vietnam 

Recommended travel periods: April, September, October 

How to improve your luck: Check in to a villa or hotel  with a gym or pool 




Jasper National Park, Jasper, Canada 


2018 marks the year of romance for you. Whether you’re looking to woo or be wooed, choosing a villa with good scenery will certainly help. You can’t go wrong with a hip resort or restaurant. 

Recommended destinations: United States, Canada 

Recommended travel months: February, March, July, November 

Travel tips to improve your luck: Consider booking a villa with exquisite sea views and premium restaurants

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