If you like looking at photographs of delicious meals, there’s simply no better medium than Instagram. Of course, figuring out which accounts to follow can be pretty daunting – even if you can name some obvious contenders off the top of your head. (Naturally, Bloomberg Pursuits’ own Kate Krader and Richard Vines and Reserve’s Peter Elliot are at the top of that list.) Consider these picks a far more under-the-radar list of recommendations from around the world. The only problem? Following these accounts will make your stomach growl whenever you check your iPhone.



Followers: 10,300 

This account, run by a man who goes by Kotaro, documents edible adventures through Tokyo, from the finest sushi and kaiseki to the simplest ramen. Each post – and don’t worry, he writes in both English and Japanese – includes his personal rating and what you’ll pay.

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Followers: 26,500


Mille Feuille with Taiwanese Longan honey @ms_gardener . and available weekend only

A post shared by Phoenix Kwok (@phoenix_k) on Dec 19, 2017 at 5:55am PST

Hong Kong’s Phoenix Kwok not only likes beautiful food, but she takes stunning photos that introduce her city from unexpected angles. The mood is brooding, dark, and sometimes minimal – at odds with a metropolis known for bright lights and big crowds.



Followers: 172,000

Aussie expat Clerkenwell Boy has been highly influential in London’s food scene for several years, thanks to an obsessive focus on openings and an apparently limitless appetite. Most recently, he helped create #cookforsyria, a charity initiative for children and a cookbook with top restaurants.

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Followers: 72,500

Do you think a calorie count is just a number? This New York-based Filipino American food blogger agrees. She’ll whisk you away on guilt-free culinary adventures from Manhattan to Maui. There’s plenty of Asian food, but her feed is no stranger to fried chicken and pizza.

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Followers: 3,665

Higashi Yoichiro is on a mission. The Japanese photographer who runs this account, which deserves more followers, provides curated backstreet spots mainly in Tokyo and Osaka away from the tourists.



Followers: 377

Based on this feed from three sisters, Singapore looks like a fantastic place to eat. Influences from across the world abound: Teochew oyster omelettes, Taiwanese mashed potatoes with cheese, “peanut mochi” (whatever that is) from hawker stands, and overflowing salmon roe.



Followers: 1,562

The Taipei tourism board should pay this woman; her feed single-handedly will make you want to visit the home of bao buns before they conquer the world. Lots of dim sum, stinky tofu from night markets, and underground bars, too. Look out for the fried eel spines.

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Followers: 224,000

Any lover of the Parisian cuisine scene knows this new-school food blog and app. On Instagram, Le Fooding reposts its readers’ best snaps. And while most restaurants featured are in the City of Light, the feed has recently highlighted New York for pastrami and Copenhagen for gravlax.



Followers: 2,917

This Instagram user, who identifies himself only as “Yuichi”, runs Sushi Kin, a small restaurant in Tokyo’s Mitaka neighbourhood. His account (despite its baffling handle) has a cult following in New York’s finance scene. A seafood obsessive, he takes spectacular photos of fish and mollusks from the famed Tsukiji Market – before and after they’re turned into sushi.

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Followers: 3,865

Marbled wagyu beef is one of the most Instagrammable foods. From Scotland, the largest producer of authentic wagyu in Britain showcases its mouth-watering products, served at top restaurants.



Followers: 7,577


Barbecued octopus, pepper and shallot at two Michelin star Ciel Bleu in Amsterdam.

A post shared by Andy Hayler (@wyahaw) on Apr 21, 2015 at 1:23am PDT

Andy Hayler is famous for visiting every Michelin three-starred restaurant. The scarcity of old-school gourmandise on Instagram may be why he has relatively few followers, or maybe it’s the blurry photos (he is not quite as steady as the youngsters), but the man gets around, posting dishes from Chicago’s Alinea and Les Prés d’Eugénie, south of Bordeaux.



Followers: 32,400

A tattooed Brit who cooks at Mercuri Montreal, Oli Harding provides shots of his beautifully plated lamb shank, beef rib and pork shoulder, and explains how people survive Canadian winters. His feed also features macho chef shots where he manhandles gigantic cod and halibut.

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