1. Best for street food –  Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is ideal for the hungry and adventurous. 

The ideal way to experience the city’s food scene hop is on the back of a vintage Vespa scooter with an expert guide. 

You’ll drive through the winding streets and navigate secret alleyways searching for the best street eats from markets, food carts and cafes. 

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Learn about the local cuisine in between parking and perching on a pavement stool to indulge in fresh Vietnamese favourites such as bun cha with fried crab spring rolls, and bot chien – crispy rice with papaya, shallots, green onions and generous portions of chilli sauce. 

Đây là chỗ bánh mì chảo tui thường hay đi ăn nhất, một phần vì giá mềm, vừa ăn phần còn lại là do không khí nơi này. Chỗ này là một nơi bán lâu đời ở SG. Hồi xưa bán bên vỉa hè phía Lý Tự Trọng, sau này dẹp vỉa hè nên dời hẳn vào trong hẻm (thực ra là đường Đặng Trần Côn). Sau này có thêm một quầy ngay đầu hẻm, cị em để ý để tránh đi nhầm nhen. Bánh mì chảo ở đây cũng giản dị thôi, một phần đầy đủ có xíu mại, trứng, chả, pate, có rau chua, dưa leo, ngò ăn kèm. . Xíu mại ở đây kiểu sẽ chắc và có độ dai một chút (dùng muỗng xắn thử sẽ thấy). Hồi xưa sốt xíu mại có hơi nhạt, nay thấy có thay đổi, vị đậm đà hơn hẳn. . Nếu ai ko thích ăn xíu mại thì nhớ xin thêm sốt xíu mại để chấm bánh mì ăn sẽ ngon hơn nah. . Như nói ở trên, tui thích chỗ này ko chỉ vì món ăn mà còn là do ko khí nơi này. Kiểu giữa trung tâm SG nhộn nhịp, có một góc nhỏ yên bình, cô chú chủ cũng rất dễ thương, mỗi lẫn ăn xong tính tiền xong chú chủ cũng cám ơn, kiểu thân thương làm sao ấy. À ko hiểu duyên làm sao, lần nào ghé tui cũng ngồi bàn phía bên số 12 ấy, nhìn qua đối diện sẽ có một cổng vào, nhìn kiểu xưa cũ, có cái j đó rất thu hút. ———————–—––————————— ▪️Bánh mì chảo Đặng Trần Côn▪️ : 8 Đặng Trần Côn, Quận 1, HCM ⌚️: 04:00 - 11:30 : 60.000 VND/ 2 người. ———————–—––————————— #vscocam #vscosaigon #insaigon #cáofood #vscofood #instafood #iphoneonly #foodphotography #foodstyling #eatguide #foodaholic #chamiee #chamieechannel #chamieereview #chamieq1 #chamieequan1 #chamieeănno #quan1 #chamieeănsáng #chamieengonrẻ #dangtrancon #banhmichao #vietnamesefood #streetfood #banhmi

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Eat up: Vietnam takes the humble baguette to a different level. In Hoh Chi Minh expect yours to comes with cheese, cold cuts, pickled vegetables, sausage, fried egg and fresh coriander. 

Lay down: the luxurious French-colonial-style hotel, Park Hyatt Saigon

2. Best for vegetarian –   Bali


We have lots of yummy things in store for you today

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As one of the world’s top destinations for holistic retreats and a mecca for yoga enthusiasts, it is no surprise that Bali is also a go-to place for healthy eating. 

Today, high-end vegetarian restaurants, plant-based hipster cafes and vegan beachside bistros come helmed by gourmet chefs and sit side-by-side with the lush rice paddy fields, stunning temples and colourful markets. 

Fill up on wholesomeness to keep yourself fuelled for all the shopping, surfing, sightseeing – or just sitting back and relaxing – that Bali has to offer. 

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Eat up: The Shady Shack in Canggu is a must for vegetarians. 

Expect experimental and delicious delights such as jackfruit burgers, nori bowls, raw banoffee cheesecake and chocolate cashew tart, all served in a tropical (yet shady, obviously) oasis. 

Lay down: the COMO Uma Canggu, offering a beachfront location at the iconic Shambhala Retreat.

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3. Best for delicate dining –  Japan


Japan has long been one of the reigning cities in the world when it comes to Michelin stars and fine dining. 

Alongside its gastronomic offerings, tranquil temples, serene gardens, quaint alleyways, and glimpses of geishas scurrying through the streets, make Kyoto a fascinating place to visit. 

Enjoy a traditional onsen, experience a tea ceremony and wander beneath the seasonal cherry blossoms. 

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To truly understand the food culture, opt for a private food tour and let your guide reveal the stories behind the city’s famous culinary heritage, visit the Nishiki Food Market and sample a little sake on the side too. 

Eat up: the kaiseiki (traditional multicourse dining) in Kyoto is highly rated. 

Three-star Michelin rated Nakamura serves wonderfully crafted pates of what looks like edible artwork; sashimi, silky tofu in yuzu jelly, sea bream, and ice-cream. 

Lay down: the stunning resort of Hoshinoya Kyoto, situated beside the Oi River, just outside Kyoto.

Best for meat –  Argentina 

This country is all about the beef! 

Buenos Aires is filled with parrillas (steakhouses), holes-in-walls and fine-dining restaurants serving tasty and tender cuts with all the trimmings and lashings of Malbec. 

Alternatively, head to the hills of the northern Lake District for fresh air, rolling grasslands, craggy outcrops, huge volcanoes, and fabulous estancias (farmhouses), which offer some of the finest meaty feasts possible. 

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In between eating, the horse riding is superb, you can spend your time with the gauchos rounding up the cattle, or venture into the hills to absorb the views of snow-capped mountains. 

Eat up: Meat doesn’t get more fresh, filling and traditional than at an estancia. Almost all of the produce will come from these farms themselves as they rear their own beef, hunt local venison and wild boar, make their own cheese and grow fruit and vegetables. 

Lay down: Estancia Peuma Hue, a charming eco-lodge within the grounds of Nahuel Huapi National Park, in Northern Patagonia’s Lake District.

5. Best for seafood –   Peru


Lima’s great geographical location means that it receives a fresh bounty of anchovies, sardines, mackerel and tuna courtesy of cold Humboldt currents every day. 

You can spend the day exploring the pre-Columbian temples, conquistador relics and faded colonial mansions, or simply relaxing on the perfect white beaches on the Pacific Coast.

Later you can immerse yourself in the internationally recognised restaurant scene and dive into bowls of sea urchin risotto, seafood salad and sea bass-stuffed empanadas. 

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Eat up: Rafael, Rafael Osterling's eponymous restaurant, is housed in a beautiful art deco townhouse in chic Miraflores and the menu fuses traditional native ingredients with Italian, Asian and Nikkei influences. Think everything from ceviche and tiraditos to pizza and sashimi. 

Lay down: the luxury arts-boutique Hotel B, in Lima, serves not only delicious ceviche – a popular dish of seafood served with lime, lemon, onion and chilli pepper – but it also hosts cooking lessons on how to make it.

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