Gin lovers, Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour is providing special delights for 20 of you this month – a tasting class featuring various artisanal Japanese gins, including Watenshi gin, one of the most expensive gins in the world.

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On June 23, you can sample four different refreshing gins at the parlour. First up is the bold KI NO BI Kyoto dry gin with fresh flavours of yuzu, ginger root and juniper. This is followed by KI NO TEA Kyoto dry gin, with notes of white chocolate, citrus, distinct juniper and roasted green tea.

Then comes the spicy Roku gin, which has sweet floral scents. And finally, the Watenshi gin – the end result of more than 50 distillations.

Served in a hand-blown glass bottle, Watenshi gin offers an intricate note of sweet citrus, bitter juniper and spice. To highlight the flavour profile, you can add in botanicals like sesame seeds and sansho pepper – Japanese seeds that are packed with citrus flavour and which will give you a tongue-numbing tingle.

The tasting class costs HK$6,000 per person.

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