With several brands venturing into space to offer new products and services, outer space no longer feels like the final frontier.

One case in point is Axiom Space, a space exploration company, which has revealed plans for a commercial space station with interiors specially designed for it by Philippe Starck.

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Space might be the furthest thing from your mind when you think of the words “warm and cosy”, but it was exactly this feeling that the French designer was after.

Starck was inspired by the weightless feeling of being in the womb, which makes sense because astronauts are basically weightless in space.

He was asked to design the interiors for the crew quarters, dining area and galley living areas of the Axiom Station, which is connected to the International Space Station.

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The space station will launch in 2020, when Axiom officially begins its 10-day space tourism expeditions, which are open to not only astronauts but the public.

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Of course, those citizens would need to have US$55 million lying around since that is the price of the ticket into space.

As much as we love Mr Starck, we cannot get on board with interiors which are reminiscent of padded cells.

Let us wait until the Four Seasons launched its space tourism expeditions!

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This article originally appeared on Luxurylaunches.