More than 20 restaurants in Causeway Bay are participating in Lee Gardens’ #GoGreenCWB campaign to help Hongkongers live a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some must-try places:

1. Rock Salt Japanese Restaurant

Rock Salt is now offering a vegetarian teishoku, which features vegetable tempura, Japanese pumpkin and daikon, and is a culinary masterpiece by the restaurant’s head chef.

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At HABITU, you can now order the “0” Rice Meal, which promises to pamper both your eyes and your taste buds. The meal includes minced cauliflower in place of rice for better texture, flavour and nutritional value.

3. Panino Giusto

To savour the authentic Italian flavours, you have to try the premium paninis from Panini Giusto. Ingredients are sourced directly from Italy. We recommend the Estivo, which has mozzarella, tomato, basil, extra-virgin olive oil and oregano.

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Not all burgers are unhealthy! The veggie burger at BRICK LANE is as juicy and savoury as a meat burger is, but definitely much healthier.

5. The Cakery

Let’s be real, after a stomach-bloating afternoon tea session, we all feel a little guilty. That’s why we recommend The Cakery’s new afternoon tea set, which boasts a guilt-free and gluten-free dining experience, with specially curated sweet potato, beetroot, and mashed chickpea treats.

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