With temperatures over 33 degrees Celsius, the heat is getting to you, and you cannot wait to go to a bar and cool off with a nice cocktail. Here are some great cocktails that taste awesome and will also make your Instagram feed a pleasure to see!

1. Coco Matcha

The Coco Matcha cocktail from Armani/Privé is a heavenly blend of cacao, pineapple, rum and condensed milk, then dusted with matcha and even more cacao. It is served in a gorgeous summery coconut bowl that is absolutely picture perfect. The Coco Matcha is available from July 30 until September 30.

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2. Bouquet en Lavande

The Bouquet en Lavande from Foxglove is as tasty as it is dainty. With Herno gin and lavender as the main ingredients, you have a distinctly floral flavour, and a gorgeous cocktail that your Instagram followers will envy.

3. Granma

With Granma from Los Sotano, you are going on a journey from Mexico to Cuba, then all the way back again. This is an interesting twist on a classic Cuban cocktail made with Casamigos Añejo tequila, Havana Club seven-year rum, peach brandy, fresh lime, pineapple syrup, and a quick dash of Angostura bitters. The cigar definitely makes for a nice prop.

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4. Earl Grey Caviar Martini

A bestseller at Quinary, the Earl Grey Caviar Martini is a highly recommended cocktail for after work drinks with friends as a nice easy start to your night. With its foamy decor, it feels like you are sipping on clouds. It will also be eye-catching on Instagram.

5. Rōzu

If gin and tonic is your go-to drink, you must try this. With a blend of gin, shochu, verjus, rhubarb cordial, tonic and Angostura bitters, Rōzu from Uma Nota is a gin and tonic with a Japanese touch.

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