We first heard of Gik blue wine back in 2016, but now more players are introducing variations of this trendy drink.

Vindigo is one such drink, a blue wine that has a light turquoise colour (not indigo as the name suggests) which is derived from a natural pigment found in the grape skin called anthocyanin.

Just like Gik, Vindigo is also produced in Spain.

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Vindigo is a Chardonnay with a fruity flavour. French entrepreneur René Le Bail who is bringing Vindigo to France said that the wine has a fruity taste, with elements of cherry, passion fruit and blackberry.

Le Bail calls it a summer drink – which at 11 per cent is perfect for poolside sipping. For meals, it pairs well with seafood and oysters.

Le Bail is hoping to make Vindigo a success in the notoriously picky French market: the product is currently available in Sète in the south of France.

Ultimately Gik’s blue wine did not fare well in the European Union as regulations were put in place to prevent the company from labelling its product as “wine”. It was changed to “alcoholic drink” instead.

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This article originally appeared in Luxurylaunches.