The editor of 100 Top Tables, the South China Morning Post’s fine-dining guide for Hong Kong and Macau, visits Star World Hotel Macau and its Sichuan fine-dining restaurant, Feng Wei Ju, with João Afonso, co-founder of Sniper Capital, to discuss the intricate flavours of Sichuan cuisine.

As one of China’s favourite regional cuisines, Sichuan fare is known for its spicy dishes, which is one reason Afonso thinks it makes a perfect choice for visiting guests.

Chef’s research gives Feng Wei Ju’s dishes that authentic touch

Feng Wei Ju’s executive Chinese chef, Chan Chek Keong, explains that the climate is perfect for growing chillies in Sichuan province, which is why the region’s chilli dishes taste so good. His chilli oil is made from six different kinds of chilli, giving the dishes more depth and flavour. However, spicy dishes account for only 30 per cent of the region’s cuisine, and other dishes are just as well known, such as pig liver soup and sautéed fish.

Fine-dining guide 100 Top Tables is an annual publication which covers the 100 best high-end restaurants in Hong Kong and 20 in Macau. It is the go-to guide for executive dining, and features Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Western, Steak and Grills, and East/West categories. The book also includes the best wine lists and private rooms as well as service in each restaurant.

Video by Maxim Bessmertny.

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