When it comes to the best city to visit for street eats, Taipei is undoubtedly one of the top contenders. Nothing beats a stroll down the Taipei night markets and sampling all the delicious treats they have to offer. The usual must-eat list consists of beef noodles, mango shaved ice, and hujiao bing, a pepper bun. But good food doesn’t stop there. Here are five more tasty snacks to put on your list:

1. Hand wrap

A cross between the popular egg pancake and a kebab, the hand wraps features a crusty pancake wrapped with an optimal ratio of scallion and cabbage shreds, plus toppings and your sauce of choice. This is a savoury dish that’s good for all meals or as a snack. The usual go-to is beef, though there are various options, including vegetarian ones.

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2. Cartwheel cake

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A popular street food snack cooked right in front of you, the cartwheel cake is so named because of its round, flat shape. The cake mix is poured into the circular depression and a filling. Traditionally, red beans are the filling of choice, though custard and other flavours are popular now, too. The secret of a good cartwheel cake is making sure the timing is right to flip the cake so that it cooks evenly. There are various shapes such as fish, paw, and bear, too.

3. Taiwanese teppanyaki

Although somewhat overshadowed by Japanese teppanyaki, the Taiwanese version of griddle-cooked food is equally delicious. It is very affordable, and is usually offered as a set meal that includes a meat option, seafood, and vegetable. It is a treat to watch the chef works his magic on the teppanyaki right in front of you, before serving the food in your little corner, among all the other customers’ orders.

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4. Make your own sweet soup

While roaming the night markets, look out for street vendors who let you make your own sweet soup! With the choice of a base and various toppings on offer, even the pickiest eater will be able to find a combination they like. Common bases include red or green bean soup, with toppings such as grass jelly, tang yuan, sweet potato and taro dumplings all up for grabs.

5. Fried taro balls

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Speaking of taro, there are also the fried taro balls. A step up from fried sweet potato balls, these are sweeter and have a more crumbly texture. They are deep fried in a huge wok of oil, something which often attracts attention in a night market.

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