When people think about South Korean food, the first things that come to mind are kimchi, ginseng chicken soup and barbecue.

It would be easy to find all of the above in Seoul, but the capital city has much more to offer.

So, the next time you are in South Korea, here are some of the tasty treats on the street you have to try.

Gyeran ppang

Also known as Korean egg pancake, it is the Korean street food version of eggs benedict. A fluffy bread baked topped with an egg, these little goodies are made right on the streets on special metal racks. The batter is poured into the mould and the egg is then added, before the whole thing is flipped over to be cooked. The warm scent and fluffy texture of the bread combine with the egg to make them irresistible.

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Fried milk cubes

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While their name may conjure up a weird image of milk being poured into oil, they are actually a mix of cornflour, sugar and milk coated in batter and deep fried. If you are a fan of custard, chances are you will like them. Creamy and crispy, the fried milk cubes in Seoul are served in a little paper bowl with a dusting of icing sugar and soybean flour.

Mozzarella cheese corn dog

While corn dogs are popular in Seoul with a variety of toppings such as corn and French fries, there is a new favourite combination in town. A must-try for cheese and meat lovers, they look delicious covered in sauce and served on a stick, but the best part is the melted Mozzarella cheese centre as you bite into it.


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Mug bean pancakes from #kwangjangmarket #mugbeanpancake... Fragrant and yummy. ☺️

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An alternative to a kimchi pancake, these are mung bean pancakes. Made without flour but with grounded mung beans and rice, they often contain other vegetables and even pork. The mixture is fried in oil on a flat iron plate, which is why they are usually irregular in shape and flat. But its crispy exterior and soft interior result in a divine contrast on the tongue.

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Have you ever had rice cakes as a dessert? Well, this is the dessert version of a rice cake in Korea. They are made in the same way with gluttonous rice, the dough rolled and sliced into little cubes. But for this, it is then coated with soybean flour, although others including sesame are also used.

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