Asian cities are now dominating the global tourism scene with Hong Kong topping the list of the world’s most popular cities for the eighth consecutive year, based on the estimated number of international tourists each destination attracts.

The “Top 100 City Destinations 2018” report, compiled by the UK-based market research company Euromonitor International, saw Asian cities claim an impressive 15 of the top 20 international spots in the annual rankings.

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The Chinese city of Hong Kong, which attracted 27,880,300 tourists in 2017, had an estimated 29,827,200 arrivals last year, according to the report.

Bangkok, the Thai capital, with an estimated 23,688,800 arrivals last year, was ranked second.

Other Asian cities featured in the global top 10 were Singapore in fourth place, Macau, also in China, fifth, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, seventh, Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, ninth and China’s Shenzhen 10th.

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Euromonitor International looked at a total of 600 international cities and ranked them based on international tourist travel data collected during 2017 and partially estimated data from 2018.

Other top Asian cities came from countries such as India, Japan and Turkey.

The only cities to make the international top 20 from outside Asia were London, ranked third, Paris in sixth place, New York in eighth, Rome 15th, and Prague 20th.

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15. Mumbai, India

Overall global rank: 19th

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 10,670,100

14. Guangzhou, China

Overall: 18th

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 9,392,000

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13. Taipei, Taiwan

Overall: 17th

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 9,783,300

12. Antalya, Turkey

Overall: 16th

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 10,729,300

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11. Tokyo, Japan

Overall: 14th

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 9,896,300

10. Delhi, India

Overall: 13th 

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 12,505,300

9. Istanbul, Turkey

Overall: 12th

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 12,121,100

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8. Phuket, Thailand

Overall: 11th

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 11,949,500

7. Shenzhen, China

Overall: 10th

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 12,437,300

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Overall: ninth

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 13,434,300

5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Overall: seventh

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 16,658,500

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4. Macau, China

Overall: fifth

Projected arrivals in 2018: 18,931,400

3. Singapore

Overall: fourth

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 18,551,200

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Overall: second

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 23,688,800

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1. Hong Kong, China

Overall: first

Estimated 2018 arrivals: 29,827,200

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This article originally appeared on  Business Insider .