Indonesian yacht charter company Rascal Voyages has announced a partnership with Nihi Sumba, one of the top luxury resorts in the country. Given that Nihi Sumba is located in the east of Nusa Tenggara (Lesser Sunda Islands) in southern Indonesia, this collaboration means that visitors can do away with pesky internal flights and instead travel there in style.

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While the yachting experiences are tailor-made to each guest’s requests, the two brands have launched three curated itineraries to celebrate the launch, including one from Komodo to Sumba, which replaces the flight to Sumba with a three-night journey through the stunning archipelago; a Nihi Sumba manta survey, which takes guests on a six-night voyage to observe and learn more about manta rays; as well as a Sumba to Bali trip, which wraps up your holiday with an eight-night cruise to Bali’s Benoa harbour, complete with a chance to see Komodo dragons.

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