Street food is as much part of Bangkok as the traffic, temples and skyscrapers. Almost every type of Thai dish – both savoury and sweet – can be found on wherever you go, notably around Yaowarat, Sukhumvit 38, and Silom Soi 20.

While pad thai (fried noodles), som tam (papaya salad) and fresh mango with sticky rice are perennial choices, here are some lesser-known but equally delicious snacks to seek out:

1. Farang kudeejeen

These Portuguese-style cupcakes can only be found in Kudeejeen, an old community settlement east of the Chao Phraya River.

Traditional-style coal-fired stone and metal barrels are used to bake the cakes. Raisins and candied fruits are thrown on, with a sprinkling of sugar for the finishing touch.

The cupcakes are fluffy but deliver a satisfying crunch, and are totally worth the boat trip.

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2. Khanom buang 

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Also known as Thai crepe, Khanom buang looks like a mini taco. About the size of your thumb, it can be traced back to the Ayutthaya Period.

A layer of coconut cream is spread inside each shell, and topped with either coconut and shrimp paste or egg yolk with sugar.

3. Coconut ice cream 

Forget about cones and cups and eat this ice cream the Thai way – served in a coconut.

The toppings are also a refreshing change from the usual rainbow sprinkles and chocolate flakes – choose from mung beans, sweetcorn, palm-sugar jelly, peanuts and even sticky rice.

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4. Roti saimai

Another snack that dates back to the Ayutthaya Period is roti saimai – or silk rope crepe. This refers to the candyfloss, also known as dragon-whisker sugar, stuffed in the pandan-flavoured crepe.

The airiness of the candyfloss contrasts well with the dense, spongy exterior. Available in different colours, this is one photogenic snack.

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5. Khao niew moo foi (sticky rice with shredded pork) 

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Mango isn’t the only thing that goes well with sticky rice.

There’s also shredded pork – fried in coconut sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sometimes, a few curls of pork skin or jerky are thrown in, too. It’s a quick, filling snack for those on the go.

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