From now until October 22, Graff’s stunning showcase of these rare jewels, worth US$600 million, will be on display at its Central flagship in St George’s Building.

The Exhibition of Rare Jewels is open to the city’s jewellery lovers and connoisseurs, and here are some of our favourite pieces in the collection:

The Golden Empress

If you missed her last year, the Empress is here to grace you with her 132.55 ct presence again. The fancy intense yellow cushion cut diamond forms the centrepiece of the multishape diamond necklace, which totals 196.73 ct.

Parrot Brooch

One for the lovebirds. The brooch is decorated with 61.26 ct worth of pink and white diamonds, of which the 30.94 ct fancy very light pink briolette diamond forms the centrepiece.

Le Collier Bleu de Rêve

This stunning necklace is set with a 10.47ct fancy vivid blue internally flawless briolette diamond in the centre. Master craftsmen carefully thread diamond beads to form the delicate necklace.

Emerald and Diamond Necklace

It’s enough to make anyone green with envy – this gorgeous necklace has 100.88 ct of diamonds and 199.82 ct of emeralds.

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We’ve mentioned this watch before, but do you blame us? This stunning timepiece is set with 110 ct of coloured diamonds, and showcases some of the finest craftsmanship and diamond design the industry has to offer. 

The Gemini Yellows

The earrings are set with fancy intense yellow emerald cut diamonds, 55.74 ct and 51.29 ct respectively.

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