To celebrate the festive season, Nirav Modi has added the Luminance Bracelet With Charms to its Luminance collection. The Luminance Charm Pendant, Mughal Charm Pendant and Lotus Charm Pendant can be added as auxiliary charms to the bracelet.

The Luminance Bracelet With Charms incorporates diamonds with varied facets which reflect light in different ways.

The Luminance Charm Pendant incorporates brilliant cut diamonds set sporadically in the brand’s signature Pixie setting.

The two Mughal Charm Pendants adopt the Mughal floral design, crafted with exceptional attention to detail, paying homage to the artistic excellence of the Mughal era.

The Lotus Charm Pendant also comes in two versions, both featuring intricately designed layers portraying the petals of the elegant flower which are set with brilliant cut diamonds.