As the dark horse of the horological world, HYT consistently seeks to manufacture timepieces that surprise and impress – and their offerings at this year’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) are no exception.

The first – and only – brand to manufacture hydromechanical watches, HYT stands apart in aesthetic and industrial design.

Mechanics aside, HYT is renowned for its non-conformist design – and who better to make a statement that embodies the brand’s rebellious edge than Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose?

Rose and HYT have launched a limited edition exclusively designed by the artist – the Skull Axl Rose.

Like Rose’s prior favourite – HYT’s Maori – the Skull Axl Rose has a titanium case, but features a leather cuff that adds to the watch’s edgy look.

The dial features the collection’s signature steel skull – this time in electric blue.

Like all HYT’s fluidic timepieces, two liquids – one coloured and one transparent – are siphoned through a capillary that circles the skull. Each fluid is housed in a reservoir that are powered by two bellows that are driven by a pistons. The liquid meets a corresponding index on the dial, and thus indicates the hour – but not the minutes.

There is a seconds disc housed in the skull’s left eye, and a power reserve indicator in the right.

The 25-piece limited-edition watch has a sapphire case back that features Rose’s signature and the Guns N’ Roses logo.

HYT also recently unveiled its first pocket watch, the Skull Pocket, which the brand is calling “the novelty of SIHH 2017”.

Like many other HYT timepieces, the Skull Pocket is most befitting of a superhero or rock star.

There are only eight pieces available in the series that epitomises the brand’s intent on making horological fantasies a reality.

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The 59 mm case titanium case has a customisable leather cover that is opened using a rider – an aesthetic feature that has become a hallmark of the brand.

Apart from a luminescent green liquid used to indicate the hours, the Skull Pocket features two LEDs that glow blue once activated and are powered by the watch’s mechanical movement.

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Both timepieces are manual-wound and mechanical, powered by an HYT-developed calibre with 35 jewels, and have a 65-hour power reserve.

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