Luxury jeweller Boucheron’s latest high-jewellery collection, Hiver Impérial, is inspired by the vast snowy wildernesses of the northern parts of the Far East during wintertime.

The collection – featuring diamonds, pearls and other precious stones – plays on the themes Lumière de Nuit, Femmes Boréales, and L’Anneau d’Or (Golden Ring).

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Lumière de Nuit captures the full force of a brilliant white polar landscape in a giant snowflake, cascading spinels, and a pack of animaux des neiges (snow animals).

Femmes Boréales honours the traditional dress and imperial jewellery of women in wintry climates, and harks back to the pearls, diamonds and precious stones favoured by empresses and queens.

L’Anneau d’Or offers a panoramic view of the rooftops, cupolas and onion domes of Russia’s ancient princely towns.

In the collection, Boucheron makes stunning use of wood, which has been treated in a special way to capture the silver patina effect of the domed buildings weathered by the cold in Russia’s Golden Ring.

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