“Explore. Innovate. Inspire. Repeat.” The 33-year-old Hong Kong-based entrepreneur Tony Verb knows how to turn innovations into reality in a short time. In establishing GreaterBay Ventures & Partners in 2017, Verb added another title to his experiences, which include being co-founder and senior adviser of Metta, a partner in NEST, producer of the documentary The Helper. The Hungarian native has been keeping busy during his decade in Hong Kong.

“I believe I have been multi-tasking all my life. I’ve always run projects and built businesses parallel to each other. And it’s something that I built to practise for and got used to as a lifestyle over my many years of running businesses and working on different projects.”

Verb has dedicated himself to GreaterBay Ventures, a company targeting venture building and business consultation in the Greater Bay Area, the Chinese government’s scheme to link the 66.6 million people in Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and seven other cities in Guangdong province into an integrated economic and business hub.

Hopefully, by the end of the night, I arrive home to my girlfriend and immerse myself in love, which is exactly the reason I think we should be alive

Seeing the potential of the growing economic hub, Verb believes it is a great time to get into the business.

“Whatever entrepreneurs are doing anywhere in the world, they have good opportunities to find partners here, and they can grow into China and grow through the Greater Bay Area in Asia.”

This insightful business decision was not made on the spur of the moment, but rather through the accumulation of investigation and inspiration.

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“I frankly don’t believe in ‘aha’ moments in life, so for those moments to happen, one has to put a lot of work in. All the ‘Eureka!’ moments that we read and hear about are usually the result of decades of work,” says Verb.

To a multi-tasking entrepreneur like Verb, time is the ultimate resource, for it gives him longer to become inspired. “Inspiration for me is the most I can get out of something. So, whenever I find a little bit more time for myself, I spend it on starting a new venture, working on a new idea, or meeting a couple of people I can work with on new projects,” Verb says.

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“Hopefully, by the end of the night, I arrive home to my girlfriend and immerse myself in love, which is exactly the reason I think we should be alive. We should live to inspire, to create, and to love.”

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