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There are plenty of weekend attractions for all the family in Kai Tak which has vast open spaces

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 24 November, 2015, 3:00pm
UPDATED : Monday, 21 December, 2015, 12:30pm

If you are looking for something to do as a family and especially that you want to take the eyes of the little ones off the mobile’s screen, a weekend family getaway to Kai Tak is the perfect solution.

While the Kai Tak development area is still under development, it already offers a vast amount of lovely green open spaces, where you can spend quality time outdoors with your family while enjoying the convenience of inner-city living.   

Runway Park

With the first phase already completed and open to the public, the Runway Park is located at the tip of the former Kai Tak runway, from where you can take in panoramic views spanning from the harbour to the Lion Rock, Kowloon Peak and Lei Yue Mun.

As homage to the historic Kai Tak airport, part of the runway is retained and integrated into the planning of the Runway Park. For the younger generations or foreigners who have never watched the underbelly of aircrafts as they prepare to land on the former airport, the “Kai Tak Timeline”, which provides a visual history of Kai Tak using historic photos, surely gives them a glimpse of Hong Kong’s aviation history. 

The Runway Park also features a grand lawn as its centrepiece, with seasonal flowers planted on the sides to keep you refreshed. The harbourfront promenade off the central lawn leads all the way to the Kwun Tong promenade. The canopy provides shading suitable for group activities, which in turn serves as a destination of the park.

A variety of park features and activities will also be forthcoming in the future full development of the park to dovetail with other adjoining facilities and infrastructure.

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park

Here's another wonderful and amazing park in the Kai Tak area! The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park is located on the rooftop of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building. Occupying 23,000 square metres of open space, this park features a beautifully manicured lawn, a viewing platform overlooking the harbour, a water garden and a fountain plaza. 

Kwun Tong promenade

The Kwun Tong promenade, adjacent to Kwun Tong Bypass and connected to the Kai Tak development area, is built on the site of the former Kwun Tong Public Cargo Working Area under the Kai Tak Development Scheme.

The waterfront boardwalk not only offers close-up views of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and the Runway Park, but is also the best spot to appreciate the night-time views of Hong Kong Island East and the panoramas of the harbour and Lei Yue Mun.

Spanning 4.2 hectares of open space, the promenade boasts a special tower inspired by the piles of compressed recycled paper that were once stacked up in the cargo yard. It further features a multipurpose plaza with mist, music and special lighting, a performance area with capacity of about 200 people, and a children's play area.

The Runway Park, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park and Kwun Tong promenade are a compelling recreational, entertainment and leisure resource for the Kowloon East community. Their many and varied features, including fountains, walkways, gardens, event lawns, playgrounds and restaurants, contribute to the emotional and physical health of the residents living nearby.

Scientific evidence suggests that living close to a city park raises activity levels, promotes a sense of belonging to the community, raises and sustains property values, and increases the overall quality of life.