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Where you place your speakers can make a big difference to the sound quality

PUBLISHED : Monday, 07 December, 2015, 9:27am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 March, 2016, 5:34pm

For many people, music is the soundtrack of their lives, whether it is a favorite song that reminds them of a place, person or occasion or a classical arrangement they like to relax to, the quality of the sound can make a significant difference to the level of enjoyment.

According to Hebe Siu, marketing development manager of KEF which markets and distributes high performance audio equipment, you don’t have to be an audiophile to get the best sound out of  entertainment  equipment, which includes TV and home theatre set-ups, computers as well as iPod’s and mobile smart devices. The good news is with just a few minor adjustments, an appreciable difference can be achieved in the performance of entertainment systems. A carpet placed on the floor between the speakers and where the listener sits acts as an absorber to catch the first reflective sound waves. A wooden floor also acts as a natural reflection for sound.  Decorating walls with paintings and or shelves for CD can also help to reduce the type of echoes associated with an empty room. Siu says hanging curtains can go a long way in absorbing the high-frequency sounds that glass reflects, allowing the system to sound more natural. ‘’ The aim should be to create a good mixture of absorption and reflection, which will give the listener a rich sound that is smooth and balanced,’’ says Siu.

Appreciating good quality music and film audio sounds becomes even easier with the latest KEF EGG Wireless Digital Music System designed to provide the 21st century music consumer with the perfect blend of functionality, simple and high quality for music experience. ‘’The KEF EGG offers the choice of both Bluetooth aptX® and 96kHz/24bit high-resolution music compatibility via USB, as well as adding the most acoustically accomplished version yet of KEF’s iconic ‘egg’ compact speaker,’’ says Siu, who explains that KEF has reinvented its globally-successful and world-renowned ‘EGG’ design to create a package that satisfies all the needs of music lovers. Within the global audiophile community, KEF speakers are renowned for being at the forefront of loudspeaker design and technology for more than 50 years.

Apart from music, Siu says the ‘plug-and-play’ EGG is a perfect solution for TV sound, and in various tests  outperforms even the best on-board speakers, and with minimal controls and connections. “It’s simple to set up for any listening environment and fulfils every requirement for a flexible, compact, high resolution main sound system,’’ Siu says. The EGG offers three major connections, Bluetooth for connecting to mobile devices such as smart phones, optical to connect with a TV and USB to connect to a computer to enjoy high-resolution music. For even more bass extension there is the option of adding any KEF subwoofer, which is designed to reproduce bass frequencies beyond a typical speaker range.

The KEF EGG also overcomes the issue of speaker placement.  Siu says the latest and most evolved form of KEF’s Uni-Q driver array is designed to disperse sound that is not possible with conventional speakers and ensures that those listening to music or a film will hear a precise and detailed sound even when sitting close to the speakers. Besides, KEF’s unique tangerine waveguide helps the sound to radiate spherically for wider and more even dispersion, to ensure everyone in the room enjoys the same superb sound quality.

For those that find the concept of  what to buy and setting up home audio and entertainment systems confusing, KEF Store is able to help design, specify and install  a system tailored to personal preferences and listening area.  To find out more about how to enjoy music and movies at home, KEF has showrooms in Causeway Bay or visit HKT showrooms.