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Home security and safety systems that focus on what matters - peace of mind

PUBLISHED : Monday, 15 August, 2016, 9:28am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 17 August, 2016, 6:17pm

When most people think of home security, their attention usually focuses on detecting or deterring unwanted intruders, but thanks to advances in technology, home security systems can offer far more than surveillance and property protection.

Rapid technological development means that these day's home security systems often feature a range of safety and lifestyle enhancement functions that allow homeowners to remotely control lighting and air-conditioning.

''Feedback from our consumer groups tells us that from fire detection to family, property, and possessions, people are looking for systems that help them feel safe and give them peace of mind,'' says Allan Lee, Honeywell channel marketing leader in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. In addition to protecting the home from criminal intrusion, Lee says homeowners are installing wireless connected-home security devices to monitor the well-being of elderly relatives and family members with a disability or health concerns. For added peace of mind Lee recognises that there is an increasing number of homeowners installing wireless smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. With people becoming more aware of possible fire hazards caused by phones, laptops and other electronics while they are being charged, Lee points out that Honeywell RCD (residual-current device) electrical socket is an ideal device for fire precaution as it switches off electricity automatically when a fault is detected.

''People have a tendency to feel safer when they are proactive”, says Lee. Furthermore, it is also important that home security systems are user-friendly and can be understood by all age groups, so that anyone can respond to any situation quickly and effectively. For instance, Honeywell’s LYNX Touch system allows homeowners to control security system from a full-colour touch-screen or from a mobile device. ''An easy-to-navigate app allows users to operate the security system and receive text notifications'' Lee says. Adding another peace-of-mind layer, Honeywell Cloud technologies for home security systems has the capacity to respond within seconds and directly alert authorised personnel whose mobile devices are registered to the system. For those with a large family, up to 20 mobile devices can be registered to the operating platform. In addition to traditional home security features, with a Honeywell system, custom alerts can be set to send notifications, for example when children arrive home from school.  ''We are using Honeywell User Experience (HUE) design concept to create human-centered innovation,'' explains Lee.

Before installing a security system or safety devices, Lee recommends choosing a system that fulfils prioritised solutions. Priorities to consider include location of the home and intended functions. ''If the home is a stand-alone property security might be the main priority,'' says Lee. Meanwhile, for those with elderly relatives and people with physical ailments, remote monitoring for seniors and the ability to instantaneously trigger an alert in the event of an emergency could be the main focus.

Lee recommends to apply wireless systems because they require less invasive installation. ''Wireless motion detectors and cameras can be strategically positioned wherever they are needed to detect unauthorised entries” says Lee. Providing added convenience, Lee says wireless security systems can be easily transferred to a new house or an apartment for people that move home frequently.  Wireless systems can also be expanded by adding new devices when necessary.

Honeywell also offers smart home solutions that are designed for property management with electronic bulletin board services to inform tenants on lift maintenance, fire drill exercises and water supply maintenance. The system also provides intrusion and fire safety protection for each apartment. ''With plenty of advances being made to home security and safety systems and more on the way, everyone should be able to choose a system that fulfils all of their requirements,'' says Lee.