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Tom Dixon products shed light on how to create the perfect home

Kim Brandt-Madsen, general manager of A Matter of Design, discusses how to merge technology with lighting

PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 November, 2017, 10:01am
UPDATED : Monday, 06 November, 2017, 12:44pm

In the age of internet of things, style and connectivity increasingly go hand in hand. A smart fridge is as much a piece of hi-tech equipment as a slick steel sculpture. A flatscreen TV is as much a necessity as an infinitely changing art piece on the wall. But perhaps, one of the elements at home most touched by technology is lighting. The South China Morning Post asks Kim Brandt-Madsen, general manager of A Matter of Design, an authorised retailer of Tom Dixon products, how merging technology with lighting helps in the quest to create a perfect home.

Q. What advice would you give homeowners, searching for the most suitable lighting solutions for their homes?

A. I would recommend starting from the interior design stage, so that you got the chance to think about what your lighting needs were in your house. Then I would make sure that I had enough technology so that I had the option of playing around with the lights.

Lighting and technology have changed a lot over the past five or six years. It gives a lot of options and possibilities to work with lights today.

You have different options for setting timers. If you are about to leave home, and you don’t want to run around switching off all lights you can automatically set up a system, so that after a certain time when it registers that nobody is home,it switches off all the lights in your house.

Q. What Tom Dixon lighting products have you brought to Hong Kong?

A. Melt is one of Tom Dixon’s newer iconic designs, and it was created to give a warm light, metallic light. When it is on, it glows like lava. When you switch it off, it has a metallic look. It acts like a mirror.

Q. For homeowners who like to invite guests to dinner, what would you recommend for the dining room?

A. Tom Dixon is famous for the Beat light. It comes in different shades, and we normally recommend having five or six different Beat lights above your dining table. That creates a really nice pattern, and also [a] nice soft light for people sitting so that they can have a great conversation around the dining table.”

Q. What about for the bedroom?

A. Stone is our very beautiful marble lamp, and it comes in table and in pendant. It creates a soft light, as you have a really thin marble, so when the light hits the marble you have this glowing feeling. You can also see that it projects the light downward as well so spreading the light [around] quite nicely.

Q. What is it that makes Tom Dixon’s lighting design stand out?

A. Tom Dixon is more than a designer, he is an innovator. He tries to source from all around the world … he still uses local workmanship in India to create his famous Beat lights, and he is also very innovative in the way that he creates his lights. Melt is a great example of that, where there is innovative technology that goes into creating such a lamp.