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Mobile home office has many benefits

Cool gadgets are capable of transforming any table into an instant home office

PUBLISHED : Monday, 23 April, 2018, 9:34am
UPDATED : Monday, 23 April, 2018, 9:33am

Laptops and tablets have changed the way we work in that any table or surface can become a work station of creativity and productivity. We are no longer confined to set up in one specified room which can actually keep us from getting things done because necessities like keeping an eye on the baby in the nursery, waiting for a cake to bake in the oven are time when we can get things done.,

Laptops and tablets are not the only gadgets you might want to surround yourself with to get cosy, set the mood, or be super organised. So I put together a list of cool gadgets that you can move from room to room, to transform any table into an instant home office.

First things first, it’d be nice to have some good sound and your personal assistant with you in any room. So have a look at Ultimate Ears Megablast. It’s a compact cylinder that packs a punch with loud 360 degree audio and 11-12 hours of battery life. And it’s got Alexa built in so you can rock to some serious sound and maybe order a pizza, check the weather at your voice command. It’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling orange juice if you are working on a breakfast nook. Just don’t try to drink from it as you might accidentally reach for it and think it’s a coffee mug.

I’m old school in that I still like a good mouse and mouse pad when working. With wireless charging technology, Logitech has a cool set-up with the G903 power play mat. The mouse doesn’t require annoying AA batteries which takes weight off the mouse, saving you some trips to the doctor for carpal tunnel. Gamers really love this mouse because it’s lighter than battery operated devices, and your wrist will love you too.

The topic of gaming got me thinking about external GPU enclosures like the RAZER core. Essentially, you can connect the box up to a standard laptop via Thunderbolt 3 and turn the laptop into a serious graphics machine for work to boost render times and output to high resolution displays because it can house the best graphics cards. It provides additional USB ports and Ethernet so you don’t need your annoying dongle if you have a MacBook. And as I mentioned, you can get some serious gaming and frame rates for those times you need to take a break for a few minutes and squeeze in a DOTA match or two; I do none of that while working, nope … I think the best part of having an external GPU is that it minimises the number of wires connected to your laptop so you can have all the horse power you need, but still have the ability to pack a slim notebook.

When you do want to organise those wires, have a look at the MOS organiserwhich is a magnetic cable organiser. If your wire, like your lightning cable, has metal you can put it on there. If there is not enough metal, you can use one of the magnetic clips to attach the wire. This is handy especially if you don’t like twisty ties and searching for that certain cable for different devices like me.

Working from home has its perks like being able to watch the ball game or a movie while you answer emails, but would you take a 65 inch television with you from room to room too to if you could? Avegant Glyph is a home entertainment Star Trek like visor and headphones that allows you to watch anything via an HDMI plug using a mirror technology, so your eyes don’t get tired. It’s not virtual reality glasses, so you can look away and get back to what you are doing, but it can let you listen to what’s happening at the Rugby Sevens while reading a business contract and then catch the final game on a jumbo screen that sits on your head.

If you write a lot of emails for work, you are a journalist, writer, or just a Mavis Beacon typing wiz, have a look at the Qwerkywriter S that will certainly test your QWERTY skills. It’s a sturdy metal keyboard in the shape of a classic typewriter that connects via Bluetooth. You’ll get great resistance and feel out of typing, and you might even develop a finger bicep or two. However, I would recommend not staying up late to work using this keyboard while watching The Shining. Who knows where your mind might go.

That’s the exciting part of having these gadgets to cart around. Your home office could transport you anywhere, I mean, you can transport your home office anywhere.