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BeoSound Moment: New intelligent audio system suggests music that fits the day of the week

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 June, 2015, 9:22am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 March, 2016, 5:33pm

As the music industry moves away from physical CDs, it is the hardware of musical enjoyment that gets all fancy with designer treatments.  But similar to the development of wearable tech such as the smart watch and smart ring these days, the beauty of the products lie not just in the aesthetics but also their versatility, user interface and ability to “learn” about their owners.

There are mobile apps that play music “intelligently”, not just allowing you to customise playlists but also assigning music to different moods, weather, time of day etc. Now the idea is being incorporated to premium audio equipment for the home.

While home audio systems have largely disappeared along with the demise of physical music delivery such as the CD, many people however do not want their computer or their smartphone to also be their sole music system.  The market therefore calls for an high-end music playing system that integrates one’s own music collection, music services and more advanced features into one.

Bang & Olufsen’s Brand Ambassador Stuart Tolliday said, “Our BeoSound Moment gives people a home for their music that is completely independent of all their other smart devices. The success of these products tells us that we have correctly understood the way many people feel about their music.”

It introduces a new, intelligent feature that adapts your listening patterns and suggests music or radio programmes that fit with the day of the week and the time of day.  It also automatically memorises musical preferences and tries to make the listening experience both familiar and explorative.  Over time, the device will gradually learn your taste in music, and be able to play instinctively what you most likely want to hear, without being asked.  It is advertised as “just like friendship, it only gets better with time.”

Visually the high-end home audio visual equipment market is steering away from the ostentatious high-tech look to a more natural, Scandinavian feel as wood undergoes a resurgence worldwide.  Coincidentally, BeoSound Moment offers a surprising touch on this front - an oak touch-sensitive panel for navigation.  While there is also an aluminium side where you can browse the collection, the wooden wheel is designed for one-touch access to the sound experience that fits your daily rhythm.

With the advent of technology, music enjoyment is now intelligent, instinctual and explorative.  Because of the increasing simplicity of the products, people can now listen to more music and discover more, and their expectation to do so also rises.  Mr. Tolliday believes that the company has struck a cord with the introduction of the Mood Wheel that enables music selection with a single touch based on moods, and also PatternPlay that learns your tastes based on time of day and day of the week.

And then of course, there is the music itself.  While most people are happy with listening to music on their mobile devices and headphones on-the-go, the demand on quality for home enjoyment is much higher.  The industry has responded with online libraries now offering premium services based around lossless music, which is compressed for data transmission with no loss of quality.  Even B&O has partnerships with several online music suppliers including Spotify and Deezer, which are locked into the premium services to provide the best quality music streaming to go with its top of the line products.