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Create the perfect hi-tech, ergonomic home office

Create a productive workspace that seamlessly integrates into your home with sound-proofing, hi-tech desks and ergonomic seating

PUBLISHED : Monday, 31 August, 2015, 10:11am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 March, 2016, 5:33pm

An orderly workspace is a productive one, and this applies to your home office as well.

According to Aaron Chin, general manager of Danish furniture brand BoConcept’s Hong Kong operation (, a well-organised office is even more important for those who work from home. The space is generally much smaller than a commercial office but, apart from that, because it’s in your residential domain, the separation must be clear. You want the work area to look professional, but not overwhelm your personal space.

“As the workforce becomes more mobile and flexible, spending at least some part of the day at home is the new normal,” Chin says.  “People are looking for a better solution than a laptop on the dining room table. They want a workspace where they can focus, which seamlessly integrates into the rest of the home.”

Cyrus Cheng, design director at Chinc’s Workshop, agrees. But before starting on the aesthetics, he considers the whole environment. A home office is often a study attached to the bedroom, so in order to avoid disturbing your partner, sound-proofing may be required. “We do a lot of insulated, moveable partitions [to achieve this],” Cheng says. The space can be opened up for family time, and closed when you need privacy to work.

Cheng also pays attention to cable management and providing adequate storage. Exposed cords are never a good look, he notes, adding that a tidy working environment boosts productivity.  

When it comes to the fit-out, Chin views a proper writing desk as a must. A neat, multifunctional desk is a place to store your documents and office necessities, he says, recommending BoConcept’s “all-in-one” Cupertino Desk with integrated Bluetooth-enabled speakers. If space is really tight, the compact Cupertino Wall Desk can still keep everything organised.

American brand Artifox ( envisions workspaces that inspire and perform. Crafted from maple or walnut wood, the Artifox Desk features slots to hold your phone and tablet -and keep them powered - and a built-in dry-erase board for taking notes.

Choosing an ergonomic chair is important to avoid developing back or shoulder pain while you work. According to, an office chair that’s truly ergonomic will support the lower back and promote good posture. A seat height ranging from 16 to 21 inches off the floor “should work for most people”, while the depth of the seat from front to back should allow you to comfortably reach the backrest. A chair with lumbar adjustment can properly support the spine according to your body shape.

And don’t neglect lighting, Chin says, especially in a room where no daylight is available. “Adjustable lights are perfect for a home office, as you can choose the angle of lights.” Floor and table lamps prevent the harsh shadows caused by bright overhead lights, which can place additional strain on the eyes.

The finishing touch, Chin says, is to accessorise. “No one wants to see mess and disorganisation. Some accessories or plants can help make the surroundings pleasant and inspiring by shifting the visual focus.”