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Let wireless multi-room speakers draw you into the music

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 May, 2016, 11:22am
UPDATED : Monday, 30 May, 2016, 11:22am

Whether you’re setting up a new home,  planning a series of upgrades—or even assembling a sound system from scratch, in a sizable home or luxury apartment,  no matter if  your favourite  music is Beyonce or Beethoven, a multi-room wireless speaker  system needs to provide outstanding sound quality,  style and convenience.

Christian Honegger, CEO at Tat Chuan Acoustic Ltd, which distributes high-end sound systems, including SONOS speakers and home entertainment equipment across South-East Asia says a latest trend in wireless multi-room music includes   the ability stream from various music services (such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer).  ‘’These days, music services must be integrated into multi-room music software,’’ notes Honegger who adds that equipment aesthetics are also an important feature. For instance, how speakers blend in with the home interior design. Ease of use is another important consideration. Other than a great sound, says Honegger, a good quality wireless multi-room system should be modular and flexible.  ‘’The system should be easy to learn and equally important, easy to set-up,’’ recommends Honegger.

Given that rooms in sizable homes and luxury apartments vary, Honegger notes that many multi-room speaker systems fail to take into consideration room size and acoustics, which is especially true for bigger homes. He says it is important to pick the right size speaker for the size of a room. For example, a large room might need Play: 5 speakers or a stereo paired Play: 3. Meanwhile a small room might sound too overwhelmed with Play: 5 speakers.  Honegger explains that SONOS has recently introduced a new Trueplay feature, which allows the user to calibrate speakers to any room in less than three minutes.  In addition, it should be possible to change the location of different player systems and pair them with other speakers to achieve different sound effects. Honegger says a good example of this is the versatile way a single  player source can be stereo-paired, used with Play: 5 speakers for surround sound or coupled with a  Sub to firm up the low-end range of acoustic sounds.

With music streaming services constantly evolving, Honegger says another required feature of speakers systems is the ability to quickly and simply update software. Instead of needing to purchase a new version of the player, software updates, such as Trueplay, can be downloaded through the company app.  Using a single app, users can play music, change settings, use different sources of music and update software. To ensure sound quality is constant, Honegger explains how SONOS WiFi uses its own hidden network function  to relay  a signal from one speaker to another. ‘’This means that having more speakers at home doesn’t make your internet slow, on the contrary, it makes your listening experience smoother,’’ Honegger says. For convenience and ease, the soundbar option called the PLAYBAR, which has an optical input for pairing with a TV, is a high-quality soundbar in its own right, but the integration function makes it far more versatile. ‘’ You can use it to stream music from your phone, computer and other music streaming services - just like any other player,’’  says Honegger.  Furthermore, he adds, if required the Playbar can be easily repositioned to use as a soundstage, without the need to be reset it if it is unplugged from a power source. ‘’You simply unplug, move the device and plug it in again,’’ says Honegger.