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Age of intelligence creates a smarter, more sustainable world at CES 2017

Show’s 50th anniversary edition showcases the next generation of innovations set to revolutionise the world

PUBLISHED : Monday, 09 January, 2017, 9:24am
UPDATED : Monday, 09 January, 2017, 9:24am

A self-driving car, humanoid robots as part of the family, a home which is smart enough to be every occupant’s virtual personal assistant, and your health care in your own hands.

Record numbers of game-changing technology – some still concepts under development, many already launched – wowed 200,000 visitors to CES 2017, the world’s largest consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas, US, in the first week of January.

The 50th anniversary edition was the largest show in the event’s history, showcasing the next generation of innovations set to revolutionise the world.

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), said in his keynote address, technology was much more than cool products on display. The innovation behind them, he explained, created better ways of how we do everything. “It’s about enhancing how we live and how we work. And as pioneers, we push technology forward.”

Technology brings us new ways to solve problems using data and artificial intelligence, Shapiro added.

“Intelligence will be built into everything you can imagine, to create a smarter, more sustainable world,” he said. “It’s so important at CES that our industry, our customers and our colleagues around the world embrace innovation as the healthy, worthwhile and life changing element of our shared future.”

Whether it’s health care, agriculture or the spread of information, the age of intelligence will allow us to improve lives on a scale we have never seen before, Shapiro said.

“Imagine a world with no starvation, with access to experience-based health care. Imagine no driving fatalities, education focused on individual learning styles and capabilities, productive jobs and skills learning for everyone - and no pollution. Imagine a future where everyone can reach their potential. All of this is within our reach. We see the building blocks to create a smarter, better future here at CES 2017 and future CES’ – a future which make us stop and say: whoa.”

Kicking off the official programme was a keynote address by Huang Jen-hsun, the Taiwan-born American founder and CEO of AI computing company NVIDIA. He announced initiatives such as NVIDIA’s self-driving car, affectionately known as BB8 (and a partnership with Audi to build cars equipped with NVIDIA’s AI car computer); an ambient smart-home hub which integrates consumer devices (via the new Shield with NVIDIA Spot, the Google Assistant and integration of SmarThings hub) and GeForce Now, which uses the cloud to turn any PC or Mac into a powerful gaming computer, capable of launching Steam, the most popular PC game store in the world, in about 15 seconds. GeForce Now launches in March and will cost US$25 for 20 hours of play (

More than 3,800 companies launched innovative products during CES, including an unprecedented 600 start-ups. From Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Bosh and Casio, to entrepreneurs from France and China showcasing one product and a dream - in the words of Gary Shapiro, CES 2017 has unveiled the future of the connected experience, and what it means for consumers around the world.


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