Tokyo’s Covid cases lowest in 16 months; South Korea on alert for Halloween

The Japanese capital reported 19 new cases on Sunday – the first time daily infections have dropped below 20 in the city since June last year.

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US envoy Sung Kim urges North Korea to return to nuclear talks
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Japan on brink of granting death penalty immunity to Australian troops
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Artists’ future takes shape at Netflix’s Japan school as anime demand booms

With Japan facing a shortage of skilled animators, the WIT Academy is offering a free six-month course and stipend to aspiring junior artists.

23 Oct 2021 - 9:31PM
China turns to neighbours to top up electricity supply amid power crisis
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South Korea blocks army from appealing transgender soldier case
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Real-life Squid Game: for Korean entrepreneurs, no escaping the debt trap
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Seoul files complaint against protesters dressed in Squid Game costumes
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South Korea’s space ambitions leap forward with first home-grown rocket
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Princess Mako’s grandfather takes ill before wedding, spurring talk of bad omen
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US envoy pick for Japan says China aims to ‘conquer through division’
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Japan’s Mount Aso volcano erupts, spewing plumes of ash
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Senior US diplomat says ‘no preconditions’ for North Korea talks
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North Korea’s new missile raises threat of submarine-borne strike
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Seoul spots challenge to its soft power: Konglish, a Korean, English hybrid
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‘Abandoned by 3 countries’: the Chinese-North Koreans in South Korea
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Britain sells part of Tokyo embassy compound for luxury flat development
20 Oct 2021 - 10:05PM