Uniqlo gives 9,000 Heattech garments to ‘energy poor’ in South Korea

Uniqlo gives to Seoul’s senior citizens living alone and single-parent families

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 December, 2017, 4:05pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 December, 2017, 4:07pm

By Ko Dong-hwan

Clothing brand Uniqlo donated 9,000 Heattech inner-wear garments to the “energy poor” on Tuesday as part of its charity efforts.

The Japanese casual wear company’s heartwarming act —―amid weeks of sub-zero temperatures across South Korea —―was part of Seoul city’s campaign to support citizens who live under the poverty line and have no money for heating.

Uniqlo’s latest donation was announced at an awards ceremony held by the Seoul Metropolitan Government Tuesday to recognise exemplary people or companies that help the poor.

Heattech garments are among Uniqlo’s most-popular products in South Korea. They will be distributed to Seoul’s senior citizens living alone, single-parent families and citizens living off the basic pension provided by the central government.

Uniqlo has been working with the city government since the start of its charity campaign in 2015. That year it provided 10,000 Heattech garments to the poor. The following year, 10,000 summer inner-wear AIRism products and 3,800 winter garments, including Fleece, were donated. Uniqlo gave 5,700 AIRisms to the poor earlier this year.

Hong Sung-ho, CEO of FRL Korea, which imports and sells Uniqlo products in South Korea, said corporate social responsibility is important.

“We are glad that Heattech, which represents our brand and contains its technology, helps out our neighbours going through hard times,” Hong said.

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