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Frustrated elderly concert-goer in Singapore makes false bomb threat during security check

Man insists he was joking out of anger that water was not allowed in the venue

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 August, 2017, 6:11pm
UPDATED : Monday, 28 August, 2017, 6:12pm

A man has been arrested by the police for making a false bomb threat at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the second such incident within a week.

The police said in a statement on Sunday that they were alerted by a security personnel at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 7.32pm that a man had been detained after claiming he had a bomb with him.

TODAY understands that the man was going through a security check before attending a Wakin Chau concert with his wife and his friends.

During the security check, the suspect was asked if he had a water bottle with him. In response, the man said he had a bomb.

TODAY also understands that a Cisco security officer overheard the conversation and questioned the man as to why he made that comment, to which he replied that he was joking and was frustrated that he could not bring water in.

The statement added that officers from the Bedok Police Division responded to the incident and arrested the suspect.

Preliminary investigation indicated that the suspect had no intention or means to carry out his threats.

The police said that man was arrested under Regulation 8(1) of the United Nations (Anti-Terrorism Measures) Regulations, which states that it is an offence for a person to communicate or make available by any means any information which he knows or believes to be false to another person, with the intention of inducing in him or any other person a false belief that a terrorist act has been, is being or will be carried out.

If found guilty, the suspect is liable to be punished with a fine not exceeding S$100,000 (US$73,789) or with jail of up to five years, or both.

This is the second time in a week that a false bomb threat was made.

On August 23, a teenager was arrested by the police for claiming that he was a terrorist armed with a bomb, which caused a commotion at the Boon Lay bus interchange.

The incident came to light when a video of the 17-year-old’s act surfaced on Facebook. In the video, he was heard screaming “I am a terrorist” and “I want to die”.

The police confirmed on Friday night that the teen had been arrested for causing a public nuisance.

TODAY understands the teenager is mentally unwell.

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