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Trio impersonate cops and rob Malaysian family in gated neighbourhood

Suspects managed to handcuff the family and make off with valuables despite not having police uniforms, identification or a warrant

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 December, 2017, 5:11pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 December, 2017, 5:11pm

By Dawn Chan

Police in Malaysia are looking for three men who posed as policemen to rob a family of four in a gated and guarded neighbourhood.

Selangor police chief Datuk Mazlan Mansor said the family were awakened from their sleep by knocks on their door about 4.50am.

“The three men, who were wearing civilian clothing, said they were from the Selangor police headquarters. They did not have any badge or identification to prove they were policemen and did not have a search warrant.

“They ordered the family to open the door because they wanted to inspect and search the house for a suspect. One of them had also shown the family an object that resembled a pistol.

“Before fleeing the house, the three had handcuffed all of the family members who are in their 20s and one in his 50s. They drove away a Honda Insight and took items such as handphones, laptops and jewellery. The total losses have yet to be determined,” he said at the state police headquarters.

He said the district police headquarters received information on the incident at 7.15am and rushed to the house where they found the family still in handcuffs.

Mazlan advised the public to be wary of people who identify themselves as policemen.

“We would not enter a person’s house without a reason or a search warrant,” he said.

Mazlan released photofits of two of the suspects who are believed to be in their 30s.

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