Thai nightclub under fire for ‘sex with staff’ promotion

Club insists its offer of a free case of whiskey to customers with proof they had sex with staff was not meant to be taken seriously

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 December, 2017, 2:56pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 December, 2017, 2:56pm

By Gregory Morrissey

A nightclub in the Thai province of Maha Sarakham is facing a probe after a post went viral suggesting it was promoting sex with its staff.

The social media post apparently offered female customers a free case of whiskey to seduce and have sex with male members of the club’s staff.

The message on Facebook said female customers would be eligible to claim the free case of alcohol if they could provide evidence of having had sex with a staff member.

The post included a video clip introducing five topless male staff at the unidentified club.

The “promotion” quickly went viral, prompting police to investigate.

The pub faces a maximum fine of 10,000 baht (US$307) for violating Section 30 of the alcohol control law by offering special prizes or other promotional benefits for buying alcoholic beverages.

The authorities are also set to summon those who appeared in the video clip for questioning as part of the investigation, said the source.

Phongsakon Lasom, the manager of the club, told authorities the video clip was made for fun one night after the club was closed. The male staff had taken off their shirts while they were cleaning up.

He added he didn’t believe anyone would take it seriously and was surprised that it had gone viral and caught the attention of the police.

It is unclear whether anyone tried taking advantage of the offer.

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